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Small Diameter OD Tube at Competitive Prices

Acme Tube Bending Co. is a low volume, small diameter tube fabricator. We service round metal tube 3/16" to 3/4" outside diameter in quantities ranging from 1 to 5,000 pieces. We gladly welcome small jobs and one-time orders.

Our expertise lies in the HVAC, heavy equipment, diesel, automotive, marine and aerospace industries. We focus on fabricating complete tube assemblies to our customers' drawings and specifications. Acme performs a wide range of operations including end forming, welding, brazing, swaging, flaring, assembly, and finishing.

When speed and precision count, customers turn to Acme. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and fast turnaround. Because a standard production schedule may not always meet your needs, Acme offers a flexible schedule to accommodate your rush jobs.

Wonder just how we do it?

Take a behind the scenes look at the work Acme is doing to meet your tubing needs.

Quality Policy

Acme Tube Bending is committed to achieving continuous manufacturing excellence (Acme) by providing tubular assemblies that are: high quality, competitively priced, and meet or exceed our customers' requirements. Our goal is to ensure high quality standards throughout our processes. Dedication to quality is our number one priority.
Chris Lyons, President

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Meet Chris

Chris Lyons, President of Acme Tube Bending, took the reins of his family owned business 10 years ago. As President, Chris continues to lead in the growth of the company and the assurance of customer satisfaction. A graduate of Michigan State University, Chris is at home in Michigan but loves traveling the world windsurfing. Chris lives in Berkley, MI with his wife and daughter.